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E-Chemex an e-commerce portal helps chemical traders book industrial grade chemical trades online. E-Chemex is providing an online platform for the buyers and sellers of the bulk chemicals like Phenol, Methanol, Toluene to connect and do the trade. E-Chemex will be India’s answer to disrupt the 50 billion dollar off-line bulk chemical trading market by providing a platform for buyer and seller to meet-up melting the geographical boundaries, removing the opacity in pricing aided by transparency, trust and technology leading to lower over-heads like commissions and higher inventory turnover.

  • Client
  • Project
    Reduce human dependence on trade bookings


Technologies Used

Development Phase

  1. Get Sample questions that a user will ask
  2. Get response that the bot should answer
  3. Train the Bot for basic queries
  4. Connect the backend to the bot

Bot Training Phase

  1. Monitor the Chats and Re-Train Bot
  2. Test this bot in closed environment
  3. Develop Custom Actions that Bot will take

Live Phase

  1. Deploy the bot when sufficient training is given
  2. Use chat logs to further train the bot
Solution & Success​

We designed and developed a solution for them which would automate the basic customer assistance, and if need be, the human could take over the conversation and assist the user. We developed a AI smart chatting bot which could take user input in 3 forms

  • click of buttons,
  • text in natural language (including hindi), or
  • voice in natural language.

Our smart bot could understand customer’s natural language text or voice, identify what the customer wanted and replied with the appropriate message in text and speech. We also developed an admin panel in which the admin could monitor and view all the conversations and in case the bot did not understand a customer query, they could teach that to the bot also.

After using the solution internally, and teaching bots to understand most frequent customer query, the chat module is now live. The company has reduced the total number of queries coming to its customer care agents and have automated more than 60% of customer queries. The company can train its bot in realtime, get feedback of what the Bot understood and what it missed. Now, the company is planning to launch this service on Google Now and Amazon Alexa.

How We Did It?​

Study Consumer’s Behaviour

  1. Consumers called human traders to book trade because they were not familiar with e-commerce.
  2. Consumers were not fluent in English

Our Analysis

  1. 80% of queries were price related or order booking related
  2. These tasks were fairly repetitive

Our Solution

  1. We designed a mobile app with a voice chatting feature.
  2. Users book trade via voice chat & get instant trade alert on their mobile app.
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Our Process
Customer Vision

Creating a Great Customer Experience is All About Communication.

System Design & Analysis

Software Consultation, Digital Strategic Planning, System designing as per the customer's satisfaction.

Define Feature & Milestone

Prepare a complete project plan, set timelines and deliverables.

Project Delivery

Project delivery through continuous integrations and deployments.

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