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A company which is market leader in its industry servers many multinational companies in the domain of intellectual property and related legal services. The company has teams distributed across geographies which collaborate to deliver services to their clients. The company needed a solution to manage project delivery, improve team collaborations and engage their clients in every stage of the project. The company also wanted different stakeholders to get an overview of the all projects and monitor their team’s efficiency.

  • Client
    A leading IP consulting firm
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    Team collaboration and project delivery tool


Technologies Used


1. Primary challenge was to unify the team collaboration. Earlier, the teams across geography collaborated using emails, excel sheets and skype based messengers. The biggest problem in this was the loss of information at different stages, and lack of monitoring of these conversations. Senior managements had no visualization of ground level work and collaboration, which generally resulted in mis-information.

Solution: We designed a solution which had all the features of different communication channels inbuilt in the system. The solution we designed has in-built chatting service using which all team members can collaborate in real-time. Their chat messages were stored internally in the organization’s servers which ensured then sensitive data was protected. We also developed wall post feature, just like popular social media has, where a project’s stake holders could drop files, write comments and progress, share their feedback and this wall is visible to all stakeholders of the project. The interface was designed in such a way that the users could expand and minimize primary working area of the application, rather than getting distracted from other information on the screen.
2. A very sensitive aspect of the application was security. In terms of external and internal security.

Solution: Not only did we implement security protocols as per OWASP Top 10 guidelines, we also enabled multiple layers of security within the application. It was very critical that only project’s stakeholders were allowed to view details of that project. We ensured that there was no way any user could bypass these checks by securing all our APIs with industry standard Oauth 2.0 and also implementing security layers at backend level.

3. The organization is distributed across geography and different geographies have different languages and local time.

Solution: The system was designed to capture this diversity. Not only did the UI supported multi-language (English/Chinese), also the emails generated from backend were multi-lingual. Second, challenge was of local time. The system was designed in such a way that could automatically capture the local time zone of the user and present the dates and time accordingly. Since, the project delivery highly depends on deadlines this was most critical in terms of overall client satisfaction.

4. Any project has multiple stakeholders, which further have different roles in the project also they have a different hierarchy in the organization. The system should capture this diversity in the roles and present the data accordingly.

Solution: Key success factor of each project was measured by the degree of collaboration a team had for each project. At any given time, the admin users could get an analytical view of collaboration and effort of each user and for each project. Also, we captured timeline of the project, which showed at any given time what was being done in that project by other stakeholders. Further the clients’ could evaluate every project on its completion and give feedbacks to stakeholders. This enabled admins to monitor closely the effort put in each project, measure team collaboration real time and hence make more informed decisions to improve their services.

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