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Project Details

OEE or/ Overall Equipment Effectiveness is a method of analysing the performance of a machine or piece of equipment compared to its theoretical maximum capacity. OEE includes three main factors i.e. Availability, Performance, and Quality. So, a production line which has an OEE of 100 percent will manufacture only good products with no defects (quality), production will run as fast as it can (performance), and there will be no stop time, even for short periods (availability).

  • Client
    One of the world's largest paper manufacturing company
  • Project
    Manufacturing OEE


Technologies Used

Customer/Solution Requirement

Since, every manufacturer has a different process, they produce different products and hence measure OEE differently, a solution needs to be designed which is scalable within the same manufacturer, a solution which is re-producible for every client, the time of implementation is as low as 2 to 4 weeks.

Challenges Involved

Our solution

Value Delivered, benefits for Customers

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Our Process
Customer Vision

Creating a Great Customer Experience is All About Communication.

System Design & Analysis

Software Consultation, Digital Strategic Planning, System designing as per the customer's satisfaction.

Define Feature & Milestone

Prepare a complete project plan, set timelines and deliverables.

Project Delivery

Project delivery through continuous integrations and deployments.

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