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Project Details

Our Client wanted a mobile app for location based discovery of similar interest people. The client wanted a responsive, easy flowing and an app which would support wide range of mobile devices. Skillmate is a location based mobile app which helps you to find a mate to teach, learn or partner for any skill. User can search for people filtered with user's location and a skill of interest. Then users can engage on this platform to find their best match and meet offline.

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    Location based discovery of similar interest people


Technologies Used
How We Did It?

1. The client had the UI mockup ready and built. The client also had a inhouse team for backend development.

2. We first coded the UI on the Android. Got it pixel perfect, matched it to the PSDs.

3. Then we started to connect it with the backend using volley and socketIO. We developed the app for api 15 to the latest version of android.

Product Demo
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Our Process
Customer Vision

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System Design & Analysis

Software Consultation, Digital Strategic Planning, System designing as per the customer's satisfaction.

Define Feature & Milestone

Prepare a complete project plan, set timelines and deliverables.

Project Delivery

Project delivery through continuous integrations and deployments.

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